Helping organizations build services and products for  the decentralized web

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Launch into Web3

Empower communities, unlock the benefits of decentralized finance, redefine ownership and collaboration

Smart Contracts and Dapps

DAO Infrastructure

DeFi and NFTs

Deep Knowledge

in software engineering and systems

Proven track record

supporting new brands and startups

Business Agility

rapidly adapting to customer and market needs

Accelerate your development

Producing consistent results across industries and organisations of all sizes

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Product Development

Build innovation-driven, enterprise-grade E2E applications and intelligent platforms using emerging technologies for web and native mobile solutions

Research & Development

Develop custom algorithms to solve cutting edge problems, validate and test new technologies/frameworks, and create custom components to scale web3 for any solution or organisation

Staff Augmentation

Augment full stack, cross-functional teams of any size, bringing agile delivery process to solve product challenges and ensure faster time to market

Systems & Integration

Software architecture & systems design, systems & services integration at any scale, improvement of tools & automation


Rapid development from PoCs/PoAs to MVPs, to prove feasibility and quickly engage with digital communities and ecosystems

Strategy & Consulting

Process tailoring and agile practices for product requirements, identifying solution options, development planning and roadmaps.

Hire an A-team.

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Custom solutions for a growing industry

Building quality applications and services by utilizing and extending cutting edge frameworks and tools. An engineering mindset, robust agile methodology and full-stack expertise, that helps harness the power of the web3 and stay ahead of the curve.

Ready to build?

Harness the power of the decentralized web by getting in touch.  Talk to us about the need.  Hire an A-team.

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